Luxury is a concept beyond granted formality.

This has been the logo of the company from the very beginning and the reason of creating a number of utterly luxurious services.

Our company provides an extensive range of services (limo services, jet and yacht chartering, villas rent, personal safety and many more!)

Our crew is all the time ready and willing to fulfill your expectations and find you just the right type of service for your individual needs, providing  top quality and luxury services.

For your convenience and personal safety we are working closely with top security experts, consultants and leading technology companies in security, providing the most efficient, cost effective and practical VIP security solutions that are accomplishing your demands
Helicopters, Planes and Jets Services

We offer an extensive range of private aircrafts (helicopters, Lear Jets, Planes) and we will find you just the right type for your individual travel needs.

Travel by helicopter offers you the time saving efficiency of air travel combined with the convenience and flexibility of driving.

Experiencing the bird’s eye view can enhance your cultural experience and save you time in that you get the big picture of must sees that might otherwise require hours of walking.

Helicopter charter also allows you to discover areas of amazing natural beauty that most visitors and many locals never get to experience.

We not only provides outstanding luxury ground transport, but air transport as well.

We will gladly make all of the necessary arrangements including your luxury transfers to/from all airports on your itinerary, the charter hire of appropriate aircraft and flight crew, approval of flight plans as well as aircraft refueling and ground support.

We offer an extensive range of private aircraft and will find you just the right type for your individual travel needs.

You may want to use your travel time to get a head start on business concerns, or simply savor peace and quiet en-route and escape crowded
airport terminals.

Either way luxury aircraft charter is a fabulous way to maximize your time for work or play!
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You are very important to us!

That is why we are always prepared to go the extra mile in bringing you the exceptional services you deserve.

Every client is a unique individual with their own personal definition of quality.

We want to get to know you and personalize your business experience and habits to make you feel at home away from home.

If you want it we will source it.

From the moment you step off an aircraft or a yacht until you settle back for departure/sail we shall be there every step of the way, making sure that your every need has been seen to.

We contract with a comprehensive team of personal and professional support experts.

Whether you require personal security, administrative assistance, a knowledgeable guide, nurse or child care professional we will provide you with qualified support.

We only entrust our valuable clients to individuals with certified professional qualifications and outstanding references.

That is why we can guarantee their competence and total discretion.

Let us get to know you! Just make your choice and leave the details to our team of highly trained professionals.

Your personal consultant on any travrel is standing by to begin implementing a service package exclusively tailored to your individual needs.

The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place.

In all countries are areas that are controlled by gangs, politically disenchanted groups, insurgents, and terrorist

There is a real risk of being kidnapped, robbed, injured or even killed while in the conduct of daily business or when
traveling abroad.

In addition to protecting you from threats to your safety and dignity, a bodyguard who is a trained executive protection
specialist can do the footwork to insure that there are no unnecessary delays or complications which can delay the
efficient conduct of your business.

In this day and age time is money. Our Executive Protection Specialist are familiar with the business environment you live and work in and are effective as personal assistants.

Our strength is in the knowledge, skill, abilities, and experience of our team. Our teams of subject matter experts are highly trained and experienced and can handle a full range of security requirements.

We can handle politically sensitive special events, where courtesy and the ability to be non-threatening and polished is as important as the security we are providing.

- Our personnel is receiving the highest level of training relevant to public and corporate figure protection in the private sector, including areas that are extremely specialised.

- Our personnel are in the best physical condition of any private security company.

- Our physical fitness and readiness tests as well as our systematic selection interviews ensure our operatives are in peak physical and mental readiness.

- Our protective operatives are equipped to meet the challenges of any given environment.

Whether we are protecting a Fortune 100 executive or your property and your life, our team has the experience and specialized personnel to offer a broad array of protective services to meet your specific needs.
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