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Maritime Security Logistics Application

We have developed a multi function maritime security logistics software in order to make your business more and more easy.

Software is already in error free running mode - Version 1.1  - while it is day by day optimized according to your needs.

Through our MarSec software you can build,

- Clients/Contacts Database
- Vessels Database
- MSO Database including their certificates
- Agents Database
- Ports and Distances Database
- Vessels Operators Database
- Maritime Security Equipment Database
- Daily reports of Company's sales
- Transits database
- Invoices and Income Database
- Expenses Database
- Monthly Statements (profit/Loss statistics)
- Profit / Loss Calculations
- Year by year sales and costs
- .... and more

Software is working in a network basis mode - unlimited users - under any Microsoft Windows Version and under security levels regarding who can use the program and in which level (User, Director, Admin).
No action
Request offer
Offer sent
Offer accepted
Offer refused
Transit canceled
Transit in process
Transit Completed
Team embarkation
Team disembarkation

Type a valid email that you use and press DOWNLOAD in order you download MarSec software and be in our users list in order to be informed all the time for and updates and/or new versions will be issued!
The downlad is a Zip format file, which means that you must UnZip this and follow the installation instructions.