Ship Services

With a passion to serve our ever increasing base of global clientele at various locations, we have continuously expanded our network of owned offices.

Over the years AVISTA has grown to meet the needs of a great number of principals among the world’s largest companies.

From container ships to tankers, dry bulk carriers to cruise ships and trampers, specialized vessels to super-yachts, we explicitly understand the business we are in.

We have extensive experience with various commodities, dangerous goods, perishable goods and oversized cargo.

As Ship Agents we are able to protect the ship and the cargo, the owner, the charterer and the operator, the captain, the crew and the passengers.

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with the local Port Authorities, Customs, Immigration, stevedores, shippers and receivers we guarantee the efficient loading and discharging of cargo, a quick turnaround of the ship and careful management of ship operations.

Additionally, we offer specialized, project-based services, tailored to specific customer requirements such as intelligence in the form of Marine Investigation and Vessel Tracking and Consultancy.
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AVISTA will be pleased to handle your Marine Investigation and/or Vessel Tracking case(s) - we promise a prompt reaction to your enquiry.
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VOYAGER GOLD Shipping Software

VOYAGER GOLD Software is vital to the profitability of your business.

So why rely on manual methods, spreadsheets or over-complex systems when you could be using an automated system that is not only faster and more accurate but also makes it simple to compare all the options?

Through VOYAGER software, it takes only seconds to set up a new calculation from scratch or to modify an existing one.

With VOYAGER software, you can run several voyage calculations at once, allowing you to identify the best commercial proposition with minimal effort.

Input validation and restriction checks on all major items, help to avoid potentially expensive miscalculations. 

Features include full load calculation, draft calculation and an integrated distance table. 

It’s easy to compare different voyage options and - via the actual and results module - to check voyage estimation against voyage result. 

- Voyage Estimation
- Time Charter Estimation
- Ports & Distances (4000 ports)
- Vessels database / S&P
- Contacts database
- Laytime calculation
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Marine Services - Business Consultants
AVISTA VENTURES building up from this central core of expertise, rapidly has expanded into all aspects of maritime business.
We take pride in our experience. We are one of the oldest firms in commercial and maritime industry while the people behind the name have been in this business for many years servicing companies in various positions complying and accomplish all their business needs.
The challenge of AVISTA VENTURES is to continuously render an outstanding service to its client base.
- Legal Services
- Business Consulting
- Operators
- Consultancy Services to Gas & Oil Deals
- Port Agency Services
- Technical management
- Accounting & Financial management
- Insurance Arrangements
- Claim handling
- Ship & Yacht Management
- ISM / ISPS management
- Crew management
- Ships / Yachts  Chartering & Chartering Services
- S&P (Ships / Yachts)
- Ship’s detention & arrest
- Arbitrations
- Marine casualty
- Salvage
- Flag registrations
- Maritime Security Services (As agents only)

Combining traditional person to person contact with the best appropriate, modern technology and a constant monitoring of the quality of products and the standards of services provided, AVISTA VENTURES serves the needs of all sectors of the International Market.

With an extensive experience in Commercial and marine business, AVISTA VENTURES has been successful in servicing a strong worldwide base of clients who commands quality products, services, consultancy services and turn key solutions on time.

As a reputable company that has officials with more than 20 years of experience in the International Business, AVISTA VENTURES is all the time able to meet the challenging demands of its clients offering a wide range of services and products in all respective fields within the scope of its business and with full responsibility in the following major tasks:
From the busiest ports of call to the most secluded ones, we are next to our clients!

Anything that they might require is only a phone call or an email away.

Through our international network we are able to service any vessel in any part of the world, as we have been doing this for many years